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  • City's tow-and-sell program is unconstitutional, lawsuit argues

    Autos with as few as two tickets get towed and sold for a pittance, alleges a federal suit seeking class-action status.

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    Car owners who had their vehicles towed and sold for unpaid parking tickets are suing the city and a tow firm, alleging the practice is unconstitutional.

    79彩票注册网址The suit, filed yesterday in federal court here, class-action status. Similar litigation pending in Cook County Circuit Court deals with vehicles that have been impounded by the city.

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    79彩票注册网址"This new one is much broader," says Jacie Zolna, an attorney representing the plaintiffs in the latest case.

    One plaintiff, Joseph Walawski, reported that his 2016 Nissan Sentra was towed in 2018 and sold by the city to contractor United Road Towing for $204.48. Walawski, who used the car as a delivery driver, was stuck with a $17,000 car loan, the lawsuit said.

    79彩票注册网址The city's Law Department and United Road Towing, based in Mokena, did not immediately return calls.

    79彩票注册网址Zolna, with Myron M. Cherry & Associates, says three parking tickets—or two unpaid for more than a year—make vehicles eligible to tow and sell. In 2017, it happened to nearly 20,000, according to the suit. It alleges that owners receive none of the sale proceeds or payments against ticket liabilities.

    79彩票注册网址"It's kind of hard to believe no one has brought this (type of) suit before, when you think about it," he says.

    79彩票注册网址Last fall the city initiated an for late fees and back charges associated with unpaid vehicle stickers.

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