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  • This $10 million River North condo has its own outdoor pool

    "It’s like the amenity floor of a new condo building, but I live there,” said the owner of a unit at the 400 W. Huron tower, which occupies the entire fifth floor. Take a photo tour.


    79彩票注册网址It’s common for condo buildings to have outdoor pools. It’s far less common for an individual condominium to have its own pool, but that’s what this River North condominium has, as well as a jacuzzi, an outdoor lounge area and a garden space.

    “It’s like the amenity floor of a new condo building, but I live there,” said Kam Patel, the Chicago oral surgeon whose unit at the 400 W. Huron tower occupies the entire fifth floor, both inside and out.

    79彩票注册网址The 5,000-square-foot, four-bedroom condo is surrounded on three sides by 7,200 square feet of outdoor space. Every room except for bathrooms opens onto outdoor space, which makes it an integral part of life in the condo.

    79彩票注册网址Before moving to the River North condo, Patel lived in a Roscoe Village house that, like many modern city houses, had a small rear yard, a deck over the garage and another deck on the roof. “I didn’t even use the one on the roof,” he said. “It was too much work to carry food up there.”

    At the condo, “having everything on one level makes it all flow,” he said.

    Evocations of gardens are found inside, including an antique Chinese fence and a wall made of living plants. Altogether, the home is sort of a garden in the sky.

    Patel bought the space raw in 2017 and with Chicago firms Box Studios for architecture and Steve + Filip Designs for interiors turned it into the “beautiful, slick, modern” home he envisioned. It also has a private four-car garage within the building’s common garage.

    The resulting home turned out to be more space than he needs. Looking to downsize, he has it listed for sale in a private agents’ network, priced at $10 million, and may put it on the open market in the spring, according to Vincent Anzalone of Dream Town Realty, who represents the condo. The price includes all furnishings.

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    Patel’s home encompasses the swimming pool and everything else visible at this level—the covered area at left, the enclosed indoor space at center, and seating, cooking and landscaped areas at right. Unseen along the right side of the photo but visible from several indoor rooms is what Patel calls “the succulent field,” a panel of low-lying plants 23 feet wide by 80 long. “If that was a lot in Bucktown, you could build a million-dollar house on it,” said Vincent Anzalone of Dream Town Realty, who represents the condo.

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    Five stories above the sidewalk, the building has a void punctuated by columns. That’s where Patel lives, above the parking podium and below the other condo floors. The sleek contemporary building was designed by Berkelhamer Architects, a Palo Alto, Calif., firm whose principal, Adam Berkelhamer, previously worked in Chicago.

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    The void in the architecture of the building has a complement inside the condo: a void between wood and marble where there’s a gas fireplace. Across from the fireplace is a living wall of self-sustaining greenery. “I wanted all the green around me I could get,” Patel said, “inside and outside.” The black slate floors and walnut features run throughout the condo.

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    Keeping the garden-in-the-sky theme going, the interior designers repurposed 18th-century Chinese garden lattice on one wall of the living room. Along the left is a wall of windows onto the terrace, which along this side of the condo is 12 feet wide and dotted with potted plants.

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    “It’s nice to sit in the dining room and look at the skyline,” Patel said, “but it’s nicer to sit in the pool,” which lies just outside those glass doors, “and look at the skyline.” Best of all: "sitting in the jacuzzi and looking at the skyline."

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    79彩票注册网址The minimalist style of the kitchen matches Patel’s minimal interest in cooking, but that doesn’t mean it’s not well outfitted. The two long tops lend themselves well to family-sized food preparation, and the wall of refrigeration and cabinetry at the far end is an artful touch.

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    The master bedoom, which opens onto a secluded end of the outdoor space, is part of a five-piece suite.

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    The second piece of the suite is this sitting room, partially separated from the bedroom by a marble-wrapped wall for media.

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    The third piece is the bathroom, where a large soaking tub stands before a wall of black tile.

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    The fourth piece of the suite is this infrared spa. Also in the master suite are a walk-in closet and the laundry room. There are three additional bedrooms, on the other side of the condo facing the succulent field.

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    79彩票注册网址Black velvet banquettes and, beyond them, a bar, line the passage from the master suite to the living room. “It’s a very sexy lounge area,” Patel said, and it opens onto the adjacent outdoor area via a row of glass doors.

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    There’s another lounge outside, partially protected from the elements by a cantilevered section of the floors above. Patel bought the raw space for $3.75 million in 2017. He declined to disclose what he spent to finish all the spaces, including installing the swimming pool. The goal of it all, he said, was to create “a unique place to live in the city.”

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